Introduction: DIY Overall Dress | Trudy LIMP

Hi, I’m back with the overalls dress tutorial. It might seem complicated like that, but once you get past the button paw, it will be easier. There are a lot of button paw tutorial on Youtube so check them out.

Here is everything you will need to make this little overalls dress. And the pattern I use is already available on my YouTube channel.


So the first thing to do is to fold your fabric in half, right side facing in order to cut each pieces. I remind you that the front and the back pieces are on fold, hence the need to fold your fabric.

As you can see, I voluntarily removed a few centimeters out of the length because I had a crush on the fringe on the Bottom of my fabric and also because it saves me from hemming. FYI, I removed about 4 cm.

After those last minute changes, I cut out all the pieces. You should have a front, a back, the two rectangles for the button paw, as well as your future straps.

I also overlock them because my fabric starts fraying two minutes after the cutting process. If you don’t have an overlocker, don’t panic! All you have to do is zigzag stitch the edges.


Once you have all your pieces, you can sew the front darts and your button paw. If you are not very comfortable with sewing darts, I advise you to draw them before with chalk so that you will only have to follow the lines . So you will be sure not to fail. I remind you that the darts are obviously sewn with straight stitch.

Like me, you are paranoid about life, and you always think that your seams are going to unravel, then make knots at the end of the dart in addition to the back stitches. Safety first! So this is what a clean dart looks like.


Sorry for the lightning, but it was 3am, so... 😭😭😭

Here, you just have to connect the front and back at the sides.

Step 4: STRAPS

Then move on to the construction of the straps, for that you need to fold your seam allowances towards the inside of the band and pin your ribbon over. It is not as much complicated as it seems.

After the construction of the straps, we move on to the installation of the straps. Here again it’s super simple. All you have to do is to pin and to sew them at two centimeters from the (half) armhole. This applies to both the front and back.

Now, fold the seam allowances that is at the top of the dress. It will secure your straps. Do not hem the the half-armholes immediately, because it is on the sides. And if your dress is too big or whatever, it will be hard to fix it. So you don’t touch them for the moment and just hem the very top part.

Dear friends, this is what happens when you use the right colour thread that matches perfectly with your fabric. Look, the thread is almost undetectable, it’s like I didn’t sew anything!


Right after installing the straps I tried on my dress and it doesn’t fit at the waist so that’s why I removed 4 centimeters on either side of the waist.

So it was only after I tightened the waist that I hemmed my half armholes. I didn’t hem the bottom because I fell in love with the small fringes of my fabric. But you obviously have to do it, unless you have my fringes or some other alternative.


This is the end of the tutorial, I hope you liked my little overalls dress. if you do then subscribe to my YouTube channel. And I’ll see you to next tutorial. To find out what is it about, just check out my Instagram story” what’s next” (@trudy.limp)!