Introduction: DIY PCB Cutter AKA Mini Table Saw

Previously I used to cut PCB's with an hack saw. It is difficult to cut big PCB's in straight. So I had a thought to make a mini table saw at a low cost. It is very cheap when compared to the readily available mini table saw in the market. Total price for making this is less than $10. I used reclaimed MDF. It works with 12V DC.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • DC Motor

Motor (Banggood)

  • TCT Saw Blade - 2"

Saw Blade (Aliexpress)

  • Mini Drill Chuck

Drill chuck (Aliexpress)

  • DC Jack

DC Jack (Aliexpress)

  • Rocker Switch

Switch (Aliexpress)

  • Neodymium Magnets

Magnets (Aliexpress)

  • Foam Tape (For legs)

Foam Tape (Banggood)

  • 6 mm MDF
    • 15 cm*6 cm ----- 2
    • 15 cm*12 cm --- 1
    • 12 cm*6 cm ----- 2
    • 20 cm*17 cm --- 1

Step 2: Making the Box

Make the box and cut slots to insert swich and DC jack.

Step 3: Motor Mount

I cut and drilled holes from old aluminium heat sink and made motor mount. Attached this to small wood piece and first hot glued then screwed it in place. It is easy to use motor bracket that is available in the market.

Step 4: Wiring

I inserted DC Jack, Switch and wired according to the wiring diagram.

Step 5: Saw Blade Assembly

I had a saw blade with an inner diameter of 10.6 mm and chuck with outer diameter of 5.8 mm. So I took a washer with an inner diameter of 5.8 mm and grinded the outer diameter from 13.1 mm to 10.6mm, so that I can fit saw blade and chuck. I used additional two washers to hold the blade. TCT blade is very sharp and should be taken care while using.

Step 6: Attaching Top Part

Attached the top part with hot glue.

Step 7: Making the Door

To make the door I attached magnets to MDF as shown in pictures.

Step 8: Final Step

I made a straight cut line by cutting a slit in the wood and painted with black and made a fence. Attached legs and made wire (DC jack).

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