Introduction: DIY Painted Galaxy Shoes!

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DIY Painted Galaxy Shoes!
Take some old heels and make them amazing!

Here's a great instructable for Galaxy Sneakers, but I remixed it to make heels!

The entire galaxy can revolve around you--these are the proof!

These stellar shoes are sure to get you lots of attention!
They are perfection and easy to make yourself.

I love the Sci-fi look for everyday wear!
These heels are the best!

Step 1: Supplies!

You will need:


Start with a pair of shoes that needs some updating!

I got these at the thrift store...they have scuffs and marks.

But they are cute! I love the round toe and the kitten heel.

They are a faux leather finish.

Craft Paint
My go-to paint is Apple Barrel. It's inexpensive, comes in every color and

is available online or at Walmart.

You'll want blues, pinks, purples, white and black.

Stencil Brush

Spray clear coat or lacquer

Step 2: Paint That Galaxy!

I didn't tape off the shoe at all, just started painting.
Start with blue and add some splotchy blue in various places on the shoes.

Now they look entirely blue!
I use light blue and dark blue.

Let them dry, then add some purple.

Let them dry and add some pink.
I like to make my shoes asymmetrical...not both identical.

It gives them more attention.

Let dry and add deep purple.

Let dry and add black!
Lots of black, but try to let some colors peek through.

They are very black shoes!

Let them dry.
Next add the stars.

I used my stipple brush and dipped it in white paint and then flicked it with my finger.

It splattered perfectly all over my night sky.

I didn't cover the inside of the shoes, therefore there are some stars on the foot bed...

and all over my dining put down a big cover or take it outside for this part.


If you want to-- add a little X-Wing fighter, the Death Star, a TARDIS, the Starship Enterprise, laser beams

or other fun Sci-Fi Easter eggs on there! This is the time to do it.

Step 3: Spray Lacquer and Enjoy!

Let them dry completely.
Now to finish them off, I used some spray lacquer!

I use Rustoleum Spray Lacquer (aff link)

It's clear and thick and shiny!
I love the nearly patent leather look!

Then let it dry completely...I let mine dry overnight and they are perfection!

Paired with some lacy fishnets for utter perfection! (aff link)

The shoes are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

Great way to use those shoes you love a little longer!
These also make a great handmade gift for the holidays!


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