DIY Paper Craft : Learn How a Heart Shaped Paper Changed Into Beautiful Envelope in Just 5 Mins!

Introduction: DIY Paper Craft : Learn How a Heart Shaped Paper Changed Into Beautiful Envelope in Just 5 Mins!

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Looking for interesting Valentine's Day Gift Ideas? Look no further as I bring for you an amazing Greeting card on How a heart transforms into a Love Card.DIY handmade greeting cards and gifts make for fabulous Valentine's Day Gifts.

The completely personalized Gift Idea that you have been searching is this Heart Shaped Envelop Card will serve your purpose of delivering love message to your special one.

Watch and learn how to make this beautiful heart shaped envelop card!

Step 1: Watch an Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial!

In this DIY Paper Craft Video Learn how heart shaped transforms into an Envelope in just 5 Mins! It's a perfect gift envelope for your boyfriend or your girlfriend on this Valentine's Day! Looking for Valentine Gifts and Handmade Card Ideas.

Watch and learn how you can make a stunning Love Card with a Heart shaped Paper.Romantic Gifts that are handcrafted give a feel of being special. Watch the tutorial and learn how you can make this beautiful Love Card!

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies!

Craft Glue




Colored Paper (Construction Paper)

White paper

Glossy Sheet

Decorative Mirrors

Step 3: Making the Envelop.

Cut out a heart Shaped Colored paper and fold in from the curved sides of the heart.

Later take the tip of the base of the heart shaped paper and fold it upwards making and envelope.

Step 4: Give It the Polka Dot Look!

Take a plain white paper and with the help of a punching machine, punch the white paper in and make some small white circles.

Stick these on the colored envelope.

Stick a cut out from the glossy sheet and paste it on the opening flap of the envelop and stick a Decorative Mirror on the tip of the opening flap.

Step 5: Your Awesome Love Card Heart Shaped Envelop Is Ready!

Add a few love notes, one or two sweets and messages of love, care and affection for your boyfriend, girlfriend and husband. Nothing can show your sweet love to your partner better than this DIY Valentine's Day Craft Idea!

Step 6: Watch the Complete Tutorial on How Heart Transforms Into a Love Card!

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