DIY Para Cord Pen



Introduction: DIY Para Cord Pen

In this instructible I will try to show you how to make a DIY para cord pen that you can attach to any bag or backpack for easy and quick access to a pen.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need some scissors, a pen , a lighter or source of heat to whip the ends of the para cord. You will need to take apart the pen so use a pen that has an easily removed inside real part of the pen or ink tube.

Step 2: Preping the Para Cord

first gut and whip one end of the para cord. You want one end frayed or open so that you can add the pen easily later.

Step 3: Preping and Placing the Pen

Next take the inner pen or tube out of the pen and cut off any excess tubing that doesn't have ink in it. ( this is optional and significantly easier with a clear pen). Next place the pen in the frayed end of the para cord and push it into so that there is a little bit of plastic and pen still sticking out.

Step 4: Finishing

Next take your lighter or heat source and melt or whip the para cord to the pen BUT BE CAREFUL the pen can easily melt and make an inky mess all over your work surface. Be sure to whip the cord a little ways up the pen to hold it there as shown in the picture.

Once you have finished this step tie a knot at the end of the pen in the para cord to make sure that it doesn't move that much and ruin the whip or the hold.


And there you have it, A pen that you can tie to any loop and access easily. Thanks for reading!

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