Introduction: DIY Pencil Holder

This will teach you how to make a duct-tape pencil holder for a desk or a locker. Do not try to use this as a cup it is very hard to make this water tight.

Step 1: Make the Base

Make a 3" by 3"square with 2 pieces of tape overlapping slightly. Set that part sticky side up and repeat making the 3" by 3" square. Set the second piece on top of the first square so they stick together.

Step 2: Make the Sides

Make strips of tape ( the length will determine the height of the holder). Overlap two strips and connect those to the base. Repeat 3 more times.

Step 3:

Make strips of tape a little longer than the ones that you made in step 2. Overlap two strips and place them sticky side down on top of what you made in step 2. Repeat on the other three sides

Step 4: Make 3 of the Walls Stand

Cut 4 pieces of tape the same length and place one piece of tape on one edge on opposite sides. Fold two sides up ( one edge has to have tape on it) and wrap the tape around the edge of the next side. that should up two of the sides. Fold the next side up and wrap the tape around the wall that is already should look like the Las picture for this step.

Step 5: Make the Last Wall Stand

Place the last two pieces of tape on the last wall that is not standing. Fold that wall up and tape that wall up. It should look like the last picture on this step.

Step 6: Make the Bottom Strong

Flip the box upside down and cut two strips of 3" long. Place those pieces on the edges of the base and cut off the extra your pencil holder is stronger.

Step 7: Use It

Now your pencil holder is ready to use. Put some pencils in it and put it on a desk and never go looking for a pencil.

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