DIY Potpourri Steamer Pots! ~ Simple DIY Project (made With a Single Can!) - Full Instr.




Introduction: DIY Potpourri Steamer Pots! ~ Simple DIY Project (made With a Single Can!) - Full Instr.

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in this instructable i'll show you how to make potpourri steamers just using a single metal food/soup can and a tea light (small candle). it couldn't be easier and they work great.

Step 1: Watch the Instructional Video...

watch the video either before (or after) you read the steps. video shows all the "real time" cuts for a simple and quick build plus extra footage of the steamers in action

Step 2: Read the Description...

DIY Potpourri Steamer Pots! - Easy DIY w/full instructions. the whole thing is made with a single recycled steel (food/soup can)... and a tea light (candle). video shows 5 different ones made with 2 sizes of cans. the pluses and minuses of each are discussed in the video. *great simple re-use of an old can. note: if making, make sure to use the "pop-top" style can.

Step 3: First Gather Materials...

1.) empty (and clean) metal food/soup can. (important: only use the "pop-top" style food/soup can.) see pic above

2.) a tea light or small candle

3.) only tool needed... tin snips

Step 4: Start by Cutting Down (shaping) the Can...

start by making 3 cuts to the can as shown in pics above and then bend down the tabs

Step 5: Break Off the Tabs...

to break off the tabs just rock the tabs back and a few times. it'll break in a straight line

Step 6: More Cuts to the Can...

3 more cuts to the can and then go around in a circle (that will leave you with 2 pieces)

Step 7: Now Cut Off the Excess and Assemble the Unit...

make some final cuts and assemble the unit as show above. to see all the cutting in real-time just watch the vid.. it's quick and shows all cuts in great detail.

Step 8: Optional Step...

if you are concerned about the sharp edge, either file it down or bend it over (shown in the pictures above)

Step 9: Now Just Add Your Favorite Liquid Potpourri...

i made a bunch of them. just add liquid potpourri and slide a tea light under the unit. after a few minutes it will start steaming and the air will be filled with the fragrance. there are 6 photos of the steamers "steaming" above (but to get the real feel of it, check out the video)

Step 10: Here's a Few Extra Pics ~

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    4 years ago

    Definetly will try this one out. Maybe should alter a bit of the build up to have the candle sit inside of the can instead of just cover it up? I'm thinking of a portable potpouri so that I can rearrange it anywhere I want easily. Anyway, great idea you have here. Must try!