Introduction: DIY Powerful Miter Saw

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In this instructable I am going to make a mini portable miter saw that is powered by a 12v adapter and powerfull enough to slice 1 inch thick lumber in the blink of an eye.

This can be a usefull tool to cut wood and is very portable due to its compact size.This tool is completely mad out of locally avaliable hardware and a motor from an old viper mechanism from a car.

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Step 1: Base Plate

We have used 10mm thick MDF sheet to act as a base for our miter saw. First we have cut down an 8 inch diameter circular plate using a jig saw and then sanded the edges to give it a smooth finish.

Step 2: Foots

Four foots are made to lift the base plate from the surface. Each one of which is made out of 1/2 inch thick UPVC Pipe. I have cut down each foot at 24 degree angle to give it a nice look.

Later all the foots are glued to the MDF base plate at four equidistant conners.

Step 3: Cutting Arm Base

A wooden block is used as a base to mount the cutting arm in place. The wooden block is 1 inch thick and cut down at a 25 degree angle having a length of 2 inches. This block is then sanded and glued to the bottom of the base plate.

Step 4: Cutting Arm Support

We have used an aluminium square tube have each side measuring 10mm and is hollow from inside. Two arm are cut down having a length of 3 inches and both side are cut down at an angle of 25 degrees.

Both the supports are then mounted to the wooden block using 1/2 inch wood screws.

Step 5: Cutting Arm and Handle

The cutting handle is made out of the same aluminium tubing as used in the previous step. First a 10 inch long piece is cut down . Then one of its end is sanded in a round profile so to let the UPVC pipe handle to glued frimly to the aluminium arm.

The cutting arm is then mounted to the support using a screw that passes through a hole that is drilled through the support having the cutting arm in between. The other end of the screw is secured using two chuck nuts.

Step 6: Motor and Mounting

The motor that is used in this project is from the viper mechanism of an old car. This motor is powered by 12v DC.

A motor mount is made out of three fibreglass sheets that are glued together. First the mounting holes are drilled and then the motor is mounted to the cutting arm using nuts and bolts.

Step 7: Motor Mounting

The motor is mounted on the cutting arm using nut bolts.

Step 8: Retracting Mechanism

The retracting mechanism is made by using a old spring from car parts.One end of the spring is attached to the hole drilled in the cutting arm while the other end is screwed in to the cutting arm base.

This helps to retract the motor to its idle position when the cut is done.

Step 9: Cutting Blade

I have used a 4 inch cutting disc that is usually available for hand grinder.

Step 10: Wiring

The motor is connected to a 6mm adapter through a switch. The saw is powered by a 12 v DC adapter.

Step 11: Safety Cover

The safety cover is made out of 4 inch UPVC pipe .The pipe is cut down is half and the glued firmly to the cutting arm just above the blade.

An Initial cut is made in the base plate and then a wooden support is glued perpendicular to the cut to act as a support for the cutting material.

Step 12: End Results

The end results are pretty awesome. This ended up as a very compact and light weight saw tha can slice 1 inch thick wood pieces without and problem. The best part about this tools is that its made out of very common material costing under 5 USD and its powered by a 12 v adapter.

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