DIY Proper Photography Lighting

Introduction: DIY Proper Photography Lighting

A little instructable on how to properly light something small, like if you have an amazing looking action figure or some food even.

Step 1: Be Prepared

Before you even think about taking the picture, make sure you have the lights in a away that you can get around them. It would be best to have three lights so you can have one on both sides to eliminate a shadow, and another one to have up high to have light on the top of your "thing" your taking a picture of.

Step 2: Don't Use Any Flash

It's important not to use flash because it can distort your picture. You can easily get another light if the three are not enough. You can also change the brightness and contrast of the picture on what ever photo shop you prefer to use.

Step 3: Try Different Angles

Even if you think you have gotten the perfect picture, take more. Try and take more than you need necessary, and have them at every angle you can possibly get out of your space.

Step 4: Tri Pod

A tri pod is a definite must. But if you don't have $40 bucks to spend on one, or your only going to use it this one time, try turning on a image stabilization function on your camera to reduce movement on your camera.

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