Introduction: DIY Puffy Paint Mason Jars - Fun Room Decor!

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Learn how to make these fun Puffy Paint Mason Jars with Annelise and Julia. They look so cute filled with your favorite things! Happy Crafting!

You will need:

A jar (mason jar, jelly jar, etc.) - we found these pretty colored jars at Michael's

Puffy paint (also called fabric paint or 3D paint)

A toothpick, Q-tip & napkin, in case you make a mistake

*Tip: We suggest that you practice on paper before painting on the jar. We started by making a design with marker on paper so that we had an idea of what we wanted. Then we practiced making a few of the puffy paint dots on paper as well. Also, be sure to shake the paint and then squeeze out any air bubbles before starting.

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