DIY Reclaimed Leather Patch

Introduction: DIY Reclaimed Leather Patch

A cool logo can be an easy way to enhance an outfit and allows you to express yourself through your clothes. Make that happen with a DIY leather patch using only the finest materials- old, throw-away leather. In my project, I had to cover up a logo that was detestable and ugly (Vineyard Vines is the uniform of rich, white preppy men), and replace it with something more suitable, like the outdoorsy, natural look of a leather patch.

Step 1: Sourcing

I took my piece of old leather from an old bike glove. The older and nastier the better, because you are saving a piece of commissionable leather from going to waste.

Step 2: Design

Work with wet leather when creating your design. Using a hammer and pointed object, hammer in the shape you'd like. I'd recommend checking out a leather-working course/tutorial online to make things easier.

Because my leather was so old, I ended up just scratching my design in with a nail. So much for correct leather-working...

Step 3: Sew

Time to sew! You can start out by poking holes along the edges of the leather with the sewing needle itself. Lay the patch on your clothing, thread the needle, and begin!

Tie a knot at the very end of your thread, and make your first stitch come up from under the leather so your thread is anchored and so you don't end up with any knots on the front of the the clothing. Sew the patch on, and finish off by going back down through the patch and clothing and tying another knot near where you started.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Revamping your wardrobe can be as easy as taking 5 minutes to sew on a little leather. A patch adds an interesting, personal touch to your clothes, and gives new life to older, plainer clothing without costing you much at all. Be sure to show off your new-and-improved clothes!

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