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It's really cold in Paris right now !

So I thought it would be a good idea to show you how to make a super warm and cosy turtleneck sweater dress .

It is super easy to make. I hope you will enjoy the tutorial. It was inspired by a Pinterest post.

This dress requires :

- A kind of wool or knit fabric

-Hemming web



-Measuring band

**Free Pattern :

If you have any suggestion feel free to tag me or send them to me, all my social media are @trudy_limp.

Step 1: Pin & Cut

First, you will have to put your pattern above your fabric on fold and cut each piece.

I add five centimeters extra at the bottoms of each piece because of the hemming web.

So you should end up with two sleeves, one back and one front.

Make sure to surge or zigzag stitch all of the way around each piece because the fabric fridge out.

Step 2: The Shoulders

Now, put the front piece above the back piece.

Then, pin and sew only one shoulder because we still don't know the turtleneck mesurement.

Step 3: The Turtleneck

Measure all around the neck with your measuring band.

In order to make the turtleneck piece, report that measurement to a piece of fabric on fold .

The thickness is about seven inches with the fabric on fold.

Don't forget to surge the turtleneck piece after the cutting process.

It supposed look like a rectangle.

Fold your rectangle in half and sew it.

Then, press the seam open and fold it again.

Use some pins just to make sure that the turtleneck does not move.

Sew the other shoulder and make sure that the turtleneck seam match with one of your shoulders seam before you attach the turtleneck to the sweater.

Step 4: The Sleeves & Sides

Here, you will need to pin the sleeves to the armholes.

I advise you to pin the middle and the corners first.

Always take you time when it comes to sleeves !

Then, sew the sides of your sweater including the sleeves by pinning the middle and the corners first.

Step 5: Hemming Process

Finally, you will need to pin the hemming web to the bottom and each wrist.

This part is very tricky , so take your time and be careful.

Iron them down when you've done !


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