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Introduction: DIY Sculpey Bunny

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This is a fun and easy tutorial on how to make a sculpey bunny.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1. Sculpey

2. Cardstock paper

3. Toothpicks

4. Hands

5. Oven

6: Timer

Step 2: Colors

First, pick three colors for the bunny.

Step 3: Breaking Off

Now, break off a medium-sized piece of sculpey from the block. This is your bunny's body color. Next, roll it in your hand to make a stubby-snake shape.

Step 4: Fixing the Seams

Go around the snake shape, and press around it with your fingers, making it smoother. Flatten the end of the snake-shape, molding the creases together. Now, bend it a little bit, making a curve in the body. The top of the sculpey won't be rounded, so pinch up a little clay, and smooth it over, creating a rounded top.

Step 5: Making a Nose

Get a tiny piece of clay, and roll it into a small ball. Flatten it on the table, and place it on the body.

Step 6: Making a Mouth

Get your tooth pick, and draw a vertical line down from the nose. Then, where the vertical line ends, draw a horizontal line, making the mouth.

Step 7: A Set of Eyes

Grab your white clay, and take two bits off the block, in equal size. Roll them into balls on the table, and place the pair on the head, over the nose. Press down on the eyes, and flatten them against the body.

Step 8: Making the Pupils

With dark brown or black clay, break two tiny pieces off of the block, and roll them into separate balls. Attach them to the center of the eyes, and press down, flattening the sculpey against the eyes.

Step 9: Widening the Mouth

With a toothpick, widen the mouth so that it is more visible.

Step 10: Modeling the Ears

Pull a chunk of sculpey off the clay block, and break it in half Take one of the halves, and break it in half. With that half, roll it into a snake shape using the same technique as in step three, but making the snake thinner and longer. Roll it out on the table to make it thinner. Break off a section of the snake to use for an ear.

Step 11: Finishing an Ear

Grab on to the small clay snake on both sides, and squish inwards. Set it on the table and lightly flatten it partially. Pick it up again and make one of the shorter sides flat. Then, stretch it out a tiny bit to make it wider. Lastly, attach it to one side of the top of the body. Repeat the same process for the other ear.

Step 12: Shaping the Ears

If you want to, you can shape the ears to give it a more realistic look. To do this, simply press the opposite side of the ears together slightly however you would like.

Step 13: Enlarging the Pupils

You can either keep the pupils inside the eyes small, or enlarge them, helping the bunny look less insane. To enlarge them, tear two small pieces off the clay block. The pieces should be a little bit bigger than the original pupil sizes. With the small sculpey pieces, roll them both into little circles. Place the circles on top of each of the original pupils, and press down, covering more area than the pupils before.

Step 14: A Smile

To add a smile, simply use a toothpick, and at each ends of the horizontal line, draw lines upward, creating a smile.

Step 15: Baking the Bunny

Preheat your oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit and place your bunny in a glass dish. When the oven is preheated, place the dish in the oven, and set the timer for fifteen minutes.

Step 16: Finished

Your bunny is baked, and is now complete. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make a sculpey bunny.

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    The Asian Prodigy

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    I'm gonna have nightmares. Thanks!!


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    Thanks for the encouraging comment, as it took me over two hours to perfect this little guy. I really appreciate the splendid comment you made, and I will forever treasure your comment. Thank you for making my day, happy nightmares!