Introduction: DIY See-through Spring Stylus for Any Capacitive Touchscreen

Here is the DIY stylus for capacitive touchscreen that I made myself to draw on my android phone. Most of the touchscreen devices use capacitive touchscreen so you can use it on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 1: Things You Need

You need:

1) A spring from an ordinary ball point pen
2) Nose pliers
3) About 4mm diameter metal rod or tube OR standard android headphones (optional)

Step 2: Get the Spring

Disassemble the ball point pen To get the spring.

We don't need other parts of the pen.

Step 3: Reshape the Spring

This is the most tricky part. With the help of nose pliers, we are going to reshape the spring. You may need ot use some skill to get the perfect shape.

Warning: Handle the spring carefully, its sharp end can prick your finger or skin very easily.

First of all cut the spring from one end as shown.
Then slowly unwind it from the cut end carefully to give it a coil shape (see photos)
Bend the spring end upward so that it does not touch or scratch the screen.

Step 4: It Should Look Like This

The diameter of first turn is about the size of a finger tip. A smaller may not work and a larger may not be stable.

Step 5: How to Use

You can directly write or draw on the touchscreen by holding this spring in your hand. Alternately you can stick handsfree jack into the spring for better grip.
Ideally you can use a metal rod or pipe that can stick through the spring to make it look more like a stylus (see photos). I got the metal tube from an old radio antenna.

You may need to bend/reshape the upper part of spring with pliers so that the metal tube or headphone jack fits into it firmly and does not touch the screen when you use it.

Note that the tip of the headphone jack or metal tube does not need to touch the screen. Only apply as much pressure as needed. Can I say it is precise because you can see where you are drawing?. You can also draw at some angle due to its springy nature.

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