Introduction: DIY Selfie Stick for $3

Doing my first 365 Project (a year of daily self portraits), I realize that a selfie stick might be a helpful tool. However, I simply CANNOT bring myself to BUY one: the embarrassment, and the fear that I'd be overpaying for a flimsy product, drove me to create my own.

Here is how to make a DIY selfie stick for $3 worth of Dollar Store does not fold down, so it's better suited for home use than travel. Here we go!

Step 1: Gather Materials

Head to the local Dollar Store...the one with the green sign out front, where everything is $1.


--Scrub Buddies mop WITH SQUEEZY HANDLE (must be same as model shown for project to work) $1

--Phone case that is TOO BIG and has lots of HOLES (larger size means my iPhone 5 with case can slide INTO this other case, designed for a Samsung, as though the case were a pocket. Case I bought had lots of holes on back and a "stand", which I removed) $1

--Small plastic zip ties. $1

--Sewing elastic, 1/4 inch wide. Already had this on hand $0! LOL

Step 2: Remove Foam From Mop (SAVE FOR LATER)

Pop the foam out. Pliers helpful. Save for later :)

Step 3: Anchor Case to "Squeezy Handle" With Zip Ties

Again, it is imperative to use a case that is BIGGER than your phone, has many HOLES (for the zip ties), and costs only $1. A Samsung case was more than big enough for my iPhone 5 (which also has a case on it already)...fitting cases within nesting dolls, or the film Inception :)

Take a few minutes to fiddle with the placement and alignment, then begin anchoring with zip ties...tighten firmly, but not so hard that it cracks any plastic.

Step 4: Add Elastic, Will Secure Phone

Tie some elastic across the face of the case in one or two places; this ensures phone will be held snugly later on. Simply tie elastic: not TOO should slide in a out easily.

NOTE: I created TWO elastic straps across face, only one is shown here...see later photos for placement of second elastic :)

Step 5: Add Foam, Close, Secure With More Zip Ties

Take that handy dandy foam we set aside earlier...Cut it down into a smaller (both thinner and shorter) piece. Place under case, where it will later secure the bottom of phone, and give structure and stability to entire design.

Sandwich the two plastic pieces of the mop closed, trapping the phone, and the bottom edge of the case housing, inside. Secure with more zip ties.

Step 6: Insert Phone, Use Timer to Snap Selfies

As you might imagine, it is very hard to SHOW you my phone inside the selfie stick, hence the awkward and unhelpful mirror shot you see here. But you get the idea :)

To use this selfie stick (which is more of an at-home model, unless you want some serious stares as you photograph yourself in public using a mop), you will need to use your iPhone's self-timer...10 seconds is about the enough time to get posed with your new selfie stick.

My phone sat VERY securely in the case, and this design seems to work great for DIRT CHEAP, as long as you can source the right style of mop...message me with any questions :)