Introduction: DIY Separated Love

About: I'm a 13- year old student, who's learning to paint. :)

Welcome! This painting is called separated love. You can see a boy and a girl separated by their circumstances, but still trying to find each other. This painting says more than 1000 words can and has a very deep meaning. There are many different stories to this picture. Maybe this is the way someone right now is feeling. But no matter what they still love each other to the end.
I needed much concentration for this painting, but it was definitely worth it. Please don't be harsh, im a 13 year old artist, still learning to paint with acrylics.


You will need:
- Acrylics (Black, blue, white, yellow, red)
- a fine paintbrush and a wide one.
- pencil and eraser

- sponge

Step 1: Drawing the Outline

First make two circles. Divide them by a line and then start at the right side. Make another line at the left side of the right circle as shown. Then make a horizontal line ( you don't have to make the ear). Then draw a manly body. Then do the girl. Do it same as the man just make sure that her body is feminine and draw long or short hair.

Step 2: Painting

I started with painting the figures first, but you can paint the background first if you want. I started painting them with black acrylic paint. Be careful, I recommend using a fine brush for nose, fingers and mouth. After that, I started to paint the boys background with black, blue and white paint. I used a sponge. Make the bottom and the top part black and blending it with blue. Same with the girl, but just using red and yellow. Look at the pictures if not clear.

Step 3: Adding Details.

If you want you can add details, like little white spots and red spots. I did this with a paintbrush, but you can do it with an spray or you can splash it on it. And you did it!
I tried to make as few steps as possible.
Hope you like it. :)

Step 4:

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