Introduction: DIY Sheriff Callie Costume

Is your child obsessed with Sheriff Callie? Do they want to dress up as the titular Disney Junior character for Halloween? If so, look no further - the team at Wholesale Halloween Costumes has created a step-by-step guide on how to create a costume that will make your little one look as though they walked right out of Nice and Friendly Corners!


Step 1: Making the Hat:

*All template pieces can be found here.

Use pink spray paint to cover the cowgirl hat. Cut out hat template pieces. This project requires two printouts of page one, and one of page two. Trace the templates onto pink foam. Cut the pieces out of the foam and hot glue them to the top brim of the hat. Repeat this process a second time and then add the pink foam pieces to the bottom brim of the hat.

To create Callie's ears, use the larger ear template to create two ears on the gray foam. Then use the smaller template to create two smaller ears on the pink foam. Hot glue the pink foam pieces onto the gray pieces, then use the hot glue to attach these ears to the bottom brim of the hat, as shown in the image above.

Step 2: Make the Boots:

*All template pieces can be found here.

Cut out two sets of the boot template.

Assemble the first set of pieces by placing the front and middle pieces together so that the tab of the center piece is overlapping the front one. Use hot glue to keep this tab in place. Using your child's shoe as a guide, place the front of the boot in place while curving the sides around the shoe. Hot glue should be used on the tabs to keep the sides in place. Then place the top part over the boot and trim the foam in order to fit your child's shoe before using hot glue to attach the pieces.

Use a stapler to attach elastic pieces to the back of the boot near the top and bottom to keep the footwear in place while being worn by your child. Add stitching embellishments with a paint marker.

Repeat these steps to create the second boot.

Step 3: Make the Vest:

If the cowgirl vest you are using has fringe, cut it off. Then use the paint marker to trace one side of the vest onto brown felt. You can then use scissors to cut out the vest-shape (as shown above). Use hot glue to attach this brown felt to the vest and trim the edges as needed. Repeat these steps for the other side of the vest as well and then use your paint marker to add stitching embellishments to either side of the vest.

Step 4: Making the Bandana and Buckle:

*All template pieces can be found here.

Create the bandana by printing, cutting, and tracing the bandana template onto the pink foam. Once cut out, attach velcro to either end of it.

Make the belt buckle by cutting an oval out of your yellow foam and attach a looped piece of elastic to the buckle with hot glue. The buckle can now be attached to any belt that your child already owns.

Step 5: Finishing Touches!

From here all that's left is to put on the sheriff badge and paint your child's face to look like the kitty character!

Find even more specifics about this look and lots of other fun DIY projects at Wholesale Halloween Costumes.