DIY Softball Pull Up Grips

Introduction: DIY Softball Pull Up Grips

I show you how to build a Pull Up Grip made from a Softball.  These are seriously versatile pull up grips which will leave you wondering if you've ever done pull-ups before.

I was able to find somebody giving away a bag of softballs on CraigsList a few months ago.  When I picked up these softballs I had planned on making these pull up grips but I never got around to it until today. 

Luck for you, I'm letting you in on a little secret.  I suck at doing pull-ups!  So....maybe these new softball pull up grips will rectify this situation and I can be more fit and better prepared.

Other than Drake (our dog), this is the most practical way that I've found I can utilize an old softball.  Just make me some pull-up grips out of softballs.

More to come...

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