DIY Solar Lamp V1

Introduction: DIY Solar Lamp V1

About: Myself Ram Charan. i am a 12yrs kid who like electronics i live in Bangalore India

Hi friends, I am Ram. I live in India, Bangalore. Where there are many power cuts and of course one of the most polluted city’s in India so I decided to make this build and amazing thing is that this is almost built with scrap
.Solar powered so eco-friendly

.Give us light more than 12hrs with charge of only 5hrs

.easily portable


.If cloudy the rate of charging is slow

.No protection for battery if over charged

.Not completely waterproof

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

SUPPLIES panel 5v 100ma+ (got it from a old toy)x1

2.any 3.7v li-ion or li-po battery (got mine from old power bank)x1

3.transparent casing (got it in my home)x1

4.2n2222 transistor (from local electronic shop)x1

5.10k resistor 1/4w (old circuit)x1

6.1n4007 diode (old circuit)x1

7.LED (old toy)x how many ever up-to 1 w

8.Switch(old toy)x 1


1.Soldering iron

2.Hot glue gun


4.glue stick


Step 2: Soldering

As we can see in first image solar positive goes to battery and led positive terminals and solar negative goes to resistor connected to diode's negative terminal. Diode negative connects to resistor and positive connects to transistor's emitter pin. Led connects to solar positive and battery positive and negative goes to transistor's collector pin. Resistor is connected to solar negative and transistor base pin. Battery is connected to solar and led positive and negative goes to transistor emitter pin.

Step 3: Casing

Take the soldering iron make a hole on any one side the wires must fit take the solar panel pass the wires through the hole then glue it . Take the battery glue it on other side. take the circuit glue it any corner .last take the led glue it anywhere . not on solar panel side!! glue it somewhere visible. check the last pic highlighted area we can see a hole the purpose is for air circulation because I noticed hot air after 3hrs in sunlight due to this battery might get damaged. This might sound silly but it is optional :D

Step 4: Modifications

Don't just do it like here use your own creativity you can modify this like:

1.adding some more lights and making garden lights

2.add protection circuit to the battery

3.use high powered panels and battery

and many more

feel free to ask questions and doubts

this is my first instructable so any mistake comment

Thank you....

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your project :)

    ramtheme tech
    ramtheme tech

    Reply 2 years ago

    Your always welcome :D