Introduction: DIY Speaker/ Subwoofer Quick Disconnect

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Are you one of those like me who can't stand weak, tinny bass? But can't keep a full time sub in the vehicle for space constraints?

Or are you one of those scientist types that keeps swapping subs from Vehicle/ Home as when required?

Need more space in the boot?

The problem is such connectors are either too expensive or just inconvenient. The Thumb screws will wear out the wires after a few swaps. Also the open ends of Wires could short circuit, destroying your precious amp or even starting a fire. Things like Banana Plug suffer the same short-circuit risk, carries only one wire. Likes of RCA are too weak to carry sufficient amounts of power. Feeling lost?

Just follow this tutorial to make an almost free Quick disconnect, that carries stereo signal (4 wires).

Enough questions, Time to get some answers.

Step 1: Which Connector?

My requirements were simple-

1. The connector shall be easy, free to obtain.

2. Shall not short circuit, even when disconnected and left dangling loosely in the car- Against itself or on other metal surfaces.

3. Should be able to carry Amplified stereo (4 Wires), With sufficient power to power Subs and speakers alike.

4. Should be able to wired in bridged mode for Subwoofer use.

5. Should not be able to Plugged in Wrong way.

So which one to pick?

Molex to the rescue!

PC experts should be able to identify this simple 4 wire, HDD connector used in IDE or PATA hard drives. Decent power. One way slot Orientation design. Short circuit prevention. Designed for stability. Seems a match made in Heaven.

Step 2: Steps to Connect

1> Find a matched pair of male & Female Molex connectors. I used from an old SMPS fan. These fans had pass-through connectors, giving both male-female in one neat wire.

2> Wire the Female side to amplifier outputs. I suggest you consult your Amplifier user manual to properly wire up connections. Connecting the wrong way could blow up your amp!

3> Wire Male side connectors to your speakers or Subwoofers. I used Red+Black wires to carry the right signal, whereas Yellow+Black wires were used for left side. Bridge mode will use only 2 outer wires. This is Amplifier dependent, so please read up.

4> I used Wire joiners to attach connectors, You may also decide to solder them permanently if deemed fit.

Step 3: Enjoy!

So there you have it folks,

A very easy and safe quick disconnect for your favorite speakers. Please do not forget to share and comment!