DIY Spice Organizers

Introduction: DIY Spice Organizers

Here is a nice way to use your scrap fabric pieces.You can use different colored fabrics ,or even cut up and old pair of jeans to make this handy Spice Organizer.I have used plain and printed fabric,to show the difference.Actually it is nice to mix and match with different colors.It will really look colorful.

I have seen different types of spice organizers  in wood,bottles and even in polythene.(polythene is sticky after some time) It  takes alot of space in the cupbords.Also It is a hassle to open them one by one while cooking.I use different types of spices in my daily cooking  and  this is an easy organizer (all in one) out of fabric which can be also washed in 40°depending on the fabric you use.

Also this can be used to organize buttons,beads,and for tiny stuffs too.
You can make it to any size  with 8 to 10 cups or more to organize all the spices which you use in your daily cooking.
I am pretty sure that it will touch the heart of many people,so don't forget to  cast your vote.Thanks in Advance!

Please excuse my poor quality  pictures taken with  the phone.

Step 1: Supplies

Fabric of your choice -There are 3 plain colored fabric-I used only two
Matching threads
Sewing Needle
1/4" Thick Felt
Medium Thin Felt
Sewing Machine -Not in pic
Measuring tape
Carbon paper
Tracing wheel
Scrap paper
Paper scissors
Fabric Chalk
A Pot lid
Spices - Not in pic

Step 2: Template

I have choosen a lid to make the template.The diameter of the lid  is  7 " Draw around  as shown and cut out the template in a scrap paper.  You may choose any size lid or a bowl of your choice.The size of the organizer depends on the template size you use.

Step 3: Cut

Place template on the fabric right side up and cut one piece for the bottom.Leave about 1/2 an inch for sewing allowance. Trace out the sewing line.

Step 4:

Cut another 2 rounds out of the printed fabric for the lid. A little bigger than the bottom piece.Diameter 7 1/2 " -Leave 1/2 an inch sewing allowance
Measure the circumference of the bottom piece and cut a long band  out of  printed and plain pieces for the sides.-width 2 1/2 inches. leave extra for sewing.
Cut  lining  out of 1/4" thick felt (Brown) for the band.same size . Sorry forgot to take a picture.You can see it in the next step.

Step 5: Padding

Cut two more  rounds of the same size of the bottom piece  in plain color fabric.This is for inside.
Fold the plain fabric sewing allowance  as shown in image 1 and mark around with a fabric chalk on the thick  felt to get the measurement.(image 2) for the padding. Cut around the felt,place it inbetween the two fabric and sew the Padding.

Step 6: Attatch Side Band

Join  the two plain and printed fabric band  together lengthwise.Turn to correct side and iron the seam and sew a top stitch.Open out and place the lining (1/4" thick felt)

Step 7: Attatch Together

The bottom is just one piece of printed fabric.Attatch the sides right around.At this stage I advice you to pin it first,and do a tacking stitch  before you go to the machine.See following images for instructions.Hand  sew the side join.Set your machine to zig zag and do the neatning

Step 8: Spice Cups

I have used two pieces for the bottom with out lining.The side piece have white felt as  lining.Sew this just like the way  you did on step 7.
Leave sewing allowances.

Step 9: Lid

Measure the circumference of the round lid (printed Fabric) and cut  a straight band out of plain fabric for the side of the lid. (3 " width -folded in to two) Attatch the white felt inside and sew as in step 7.
Place the 1/4" thick brown felt in between the two printed fabric  and pin it.Then go around pinning the band,do a tacking stitch before sewing by  machine.Trim the edges and do neatning.

Step 10: Tan Ta Dah!!

What's Inside?

Green Cardomoms
Black Cardomoms
Dill seeds

I need a bigger one which I hope to do later.
Thank you for taking time to view my wonderful ible

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great job - a nice little organizer for small items!