DIY Spike Chain Bracelet

Introduction: DIY Spike Chain Bracelet

This project is inspired by an assortment of spike jewelry and from my blog,

Step 1:

Tools and Materials:
Metal cone studs (mine are 1/2 inch) with screw
Flat-head screw driver
Jump ring and clasp
Oval link chain
Super glue

Step 2:

I highly recommend buying your studs first, and having them in hand when you pick out chain. This way, you can make sure that the stud fits in the links. Cut chain to a length that fits around your wrist.

Step 3:

Take apart a stud, and place the screw side through one of oval links. Put a drop of glue in the stud's hole. Less is more--because you don't want it to get too messy. I recommend using the glue because otherwise you might end up with a few loose screws. (In more ways than one.)

Step 4:

Twist on the cone stud, and tighten with the screw driver.

Step 5:

Repeat for the other studs. The number of studs and their placement is up to you.

Step 6:

Add a clasp to the chain using a jump ring, and you're done!

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    4 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I like it, simple and easy! I was curious, how well do the spikes stay facing the same direction, do they roll / warp or do they stay all pointing the same way?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    The stay in the same direction pretty well, though they roll down all together sometimes. The trick is to make sure you're placing them in links that are the same direction.
    Hope this helps!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    What do you mean by links in the same direction?? I'm doing this DIY and I'm really anxious that I will stuff up...