DIY Sports Drink W/Electrolytes

Introduction: DIY Sports Drink W/Electrolytes

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This is the way I found how to make a homemade sports drink. Of course it's not going to taste exactly like gatorade or powerade but still taste good and has electrolytes. The flavor will depend on the type of kool-aid you use. The cool thing about this is that I didn't have to go get anything I had everything around the house. The recipe is pretty straight forward, The amount I'm making hear fills up a 32 oz jug and a 20 oz jug. about 2 quarts.You will need measuring cups for this. Makes sure to let cool before drinking makes taste better cold. If you need something to drink besides water and don't wanna leave your house this is great for that. You could add ice cubes your don't want to wait.

compare it to this

Step 1: Stuff Needed




sea salt

table salt

kool aid packet



stir stick

1/2 cup measuring cup

1 cup measuring cut

1/4 tsp measuring spoon


Step 2: Making

The recipe

1 kool aid packet

1/2 cup of sugar. cane better regular fine

1/4 tsp sea salt

1/4 tsp table salt

8 cups of water / 2 quarts

I started with mixing all the powders together in a pitcher. I grinded up the sea salt the best I could to make is fit in the 1/4 tsp better. Add the water last and stir. Let sit for a minute and stir again put in the fridge and let it get cold. I put it in empty sports drinks bottles so it would look like a sports drink. There are other recipes out there for making this.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    if you can find the "Nu-salt," potassium chloride, add 1/4 tsp per half-gallon to your recipe. It improves your electrolyte balance.


    7 years ago