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Introduction: DIY Star Wars LED Lightsaber Cake Topper

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A lightsaber cake topper you can make yourself. Lit with LEDs. No electrical wiring needed! Made with fondant and a variety of unexpected items. Part easy fondant work and part arts and crafts.

I used fondant to make the lightsaber handle since my YouTube channel is primarily about baking, I am sure you could use heavy cardboard and paper instead to make it strictly an arts and crafts project.

I put this on the Galaxy Mirror Cake. Awesome for any Star Wars fan! The YouTube video shows how to put it on your cake.

Step 1: Gather Handle Materials

White fondant

5" piece of 1/2" plumbing flex pipe or PVC

Red food color

Cans of silver and black Wilton Color Mist

1 1/2 " cookie cutter or lid

1 1/4" cookie cutter or lid

Wilton #12 decorating tip

X-acto knife or sharp knife. I like using box cutters. They work great.

Artists brushes are handy.

You also need a `16X125MM plastic test tube. You can find them at some hobby stores or online. Be sure to get plastic. You don't want to put a glass one on a cake people will be eating.

Step 2: Make Fondant Pieces

Roll fondant out to 1/8" thickness

Cut (1) 2X3" rectangle

Cut (1) 1 1/2" circle

Cut (3) 1 1/4" circles

Cut a small circle out of the middle of the 4 fondant circles using the large end of the #12 decorator tip, The rings should just slide over the plastic test tube.

Cut (3) small circles using the small end of the #12 decorator tip for lightsaber buttons

Step 3: Cover Pipe With Fondant

Using a little water attach the 2X3" fondant rectangle to one end of the pipe. Start about 1/8" down from the end. Smooth the seam created as much as possible.

Let all the fondant pieces dry for several hours or overnight.

Step 4: Paint the Fondant Pieces

Using the Silver Color Mist paint the pipe, the 1 1/2" circle, (1) of the 1 1/4" circles.and (1) button

Using the Black Color Mist paint (2) 1 1/4" circles and (1) button

Using red food color paint (1) button

Be sure to paint both sides and all the edges. Will take several coats. Let these dry for at least a couple days.

Step 5: Gather Materials for Laser

Parchment paper

Scotch tape


Elmers glue

Milkshake straw - the color of the milkshake straw will be the color of your laser beam. Blue, red or green are the standard lightsaber colors. I used the blue like Luke Skywalker's lightsaber.

Step 6: Make the Laser

Cut a 5X4" rectangle of parchment paper. Cover one side with Elmers glue and roll it tightly around one end of the milkshake straw. This will act as a light diffuser. Wrap enough scotch tape around the other end of the straw so it fits tightly into the handle but can still be removed. Let the glue dry completely.

Step 7: Attach Buttons

Using a little water on a paintbrush attach the 3 buttons to the handle. See photo for placement.

Step 8: Build the Lightsaber

Insert the milkshake straw into the handle and slide the test tube over the straw. Slide (1) black ring all the way down the test . Use a paintbrush to put a little water on top of it. Then slide the 1 1/4" silver ring down on top of the black. Put a little water on top and slide the second black ring down onto it. Finally put a little water on top and slide the 1 1/2': circle down on top.

Let this dry for a couple hours to ensure the rings are well attached to each other.

Step 9: Install LED Lights

The LED lights are waterproof and battery operated. They come on either copper or silver wire and can be bent into shapes. You can find them at hobby stores and online. I use the Bright White, some call them "Cool White", they give off more light. I have used them on several of my cakes. A string of 10 lights is enough for the project. I used 20. Everywhere was sold out of the 10 :(

Remove the rings and test tube. They will come off together making it convenient to reinstall the lights on your cake. Push the LED string up the end of the handle to the very top of the milkshake straw. Put the rings and test tube back on and you are ready to battle Darth Vader.

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