Introduction: DIY the Fault in Our Star Composition Notebook

If you love the fault in our stars, and don't want a plain notebook for school, this is the right DIY for you!

Step 1: TFIOS Composition Book Cover!/ Supplies

Okay, so for this first DIY you are going to need:

- A composition book
- Any blue paper
- black and white paper
- glue
- pens
- Scissors

Step 2: Cover Composition Book With Blue Paper

1• So the first step is to take your blue paper and measure out the paper. Make lines to show where to cut.

2• Next is to cut the blue paper to the size of the book. ( it's okay if the blue paper is a bit big, you will cut that later)

3• Glue the blue paper onto the book, press down until it's fully on. Then cut the extra paper off the book!

4• Your book should look like this one! ( sorry I have that line! I will cover that later!)

Step 3: Cut Out Clouds, and Write a Quote

1• okay, now we are going to get out the white and black construction paper and cut a cloud on both of them.

2• Next, write your quote from the book. I am doing - OKAY? OKAY. -

3• Glue the clouds onto the notebook!

4• And lastly (if you want) use some if the extra paper to either write your name, subject of school you are using this for, and anything else you want!