DIY Tsum Tsum DISNEY Polymer Clay Ice Cream Cone

Introduction: DIY Tsum Tsum DISNEY Polymer Clay Ice Cream Cone

Let me show you how to make a super cute little tsum tsum ice cream cone! It will make your heart melt! (get it? :P ) Warning: cute things make me tear up, so be ready for some emotional footage. Have fun!! Heather Well's channel: of Heather Well's ice cream tutorial: are the materials your will need:-Square cookie cutter-Xactoknife-Soft pastels-Paintbrushes-Translucent Liquid Sculpey-Extrafine glitter-Needle tool and dotting tool-Toothbrush-Straw-Rolling pin-Eyepin-Tan, Lime green, White and Dough-colored clay-Yellow, Pink, and Brown clay-Black, Pink, White, Turquoise and Brown Paint-Glaze

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