DIY Tutorial - How to Made 925 Sterling Silver Circling Earrings




Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Made 925 Sterling Silver Circling Earrings

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Step 1: Measuring

Use cotton to thread around the mold for a few times and measure the length of the cotton thread. According to the measured length of cotton, clip the same length of the silver for reserved.

Step 2: Heating the Silver Wire

Heat up the silver thread uniformly to soften it.

Step 3: Cooling

Use cold water to cool off the silver thread and be careful about the heat.

Step 4: Twisting to Make the Shape of the Earrings

The softened silver thread will be circled around the mold for several times. Then we will hammer it to make its shape firm. Now we get the circle earrings.

Step 5: Placing the Anti-oxidation Solution

Take the earrings to the de oxidization solution and soak it for a few minutes.

Step 6: Making the Long Earring Hook

Right now we will make the earrings’ hook. Cut off a section of silver wire and hammer it to be straight. Use a file to polish the incision to make it smooth.

Step 7: Near & Joint

As the image shows, now we will fix the circle earrings with the hook.

Step 8: Adding Combustion-supporting Liquid Upon the Silver

Add welding powder on the interface of the earrings and the hook. This will help welding up the two parts.

Step 9: Welding It by Fire

Evenly heat up the fixed earrings and hooks. Remember to particularly heat up the welding part till the earrings and hooks are fixed together firmly.

Step 10: Adjustment

Adjust the shape of the earrings.

Step 11: Remove the Extra Part of the Silver Wire & Polishing to Achieve Smoothness

Trim off the superfluous part of the silver wire. Polish the incision of the silver wire till it is smooth and soft.

Step 12: Polish All Details of Earrings

Use the polishing machine to polish the whole earrings.

Step 13: Polish the Both Edges to Be Smooth

Particularly polish both sides of the silver wire’s incisions.

Step 14: Making Long Earrings Hook

Adjust the length of the earrings and bend the earrings’ hook.

Step 15: Placing the Anti-oxidation Solution Again

Take the silver earrings into the de oxidization solution to soak them for a few minutes.

Step 16: Cleaning the Earrings

Use machine to polish the earrings and soak them into clean water. Dry it up and then we get the beautiful circle earrings.

Step 17: Complete!!!

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    4 years ago

    hi why did you need to welding it ?
    just use a whole wire do it 。


    4 years ago

    This is just an add to get you to use their website. It seems to be a company out of Hong Kong. Good pictures and decent step by step, but really needs a lot more of an explanation and a bill of materials would be nice as well.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi friends, many thanks for your warm advice, and yes, we will keep improving and try best to make our videos much better and in detailed as possible. If you have any questions about the videos or any good suggestions again, please feel free to tell us again:) Your support is out greatest motivation! Have a great day!


    4 years ago

    Why do you heat and then cool the metal? I would learn more about the process if you explained a little more at each step. I think the design is beautiful. Is the process any different if I use a different metal?--silver gives me a really bad reaction in my ears.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi friends, many thanks for your messages! Yes, we show the video simply, but actually there are lots of procedures during our creation making process, and here below are some tips, hope that helps you a lot:)

    By the way, we will keep up-to-date regularly, if you're interested or want to know more, welcome keep attention to us!

    Tips>>We need to heat the silver to make it solt, so that it will be easy to change and shape, but at the same time it is hard for us to touch by hand because of the high temperature. So we also need to cool it down, and then we use tool to design the shape. Anyway, you can use raw brass material in the same way:)