Introduction: DIY Tutorial-How to Made the 925 Sterling Silver Pea With Inlaid Pearl

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Tools and Materials:

  • Sterling silver
  • Tableting machine
  • Marker Pen
  • water
  • hammer
  • Hammer Texture
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Pearl

Step 1: Design and Cutting

Design and draw out the shape of a peasecod on the paper with a marker. Trim out the paper-shape with scissors.

Step 2: Trim

Compare the silver with the design of the paper just now and cut off the about-size silver with scissors.

Step 3: Heating and Cool Down

Heat up the silver to soften it, then the silver will be easier to be trimmed. Heated silver is quite hot and it is not easy to be used. So we will cool off the silver with cold water first to avoid getting hurt.

Step 4: Flattened

Now we take the soften silver to the table pressing machine. Tighten the roller of the tablet pressing machine and roll the handle. The silver will be flattened and lengthened during the pressing process.

Step 5: Drawing

Put the paper of the previous steps on the surface of the silver. Use a marker to draw out the outlines of the peasecod.

Step 6: Cutting

According to the marker’s outline, we will cut out the silver’s shape of the peasecod with scissors.

Step 7: Make Texture

Now the silver has a shape of a peasecod and we will take it on the surface of a cowhide. Hammer the silver with a texture-hammer and leave textures on the surface of it.

Step 8: Shaping

As the image shows, we put the silver into the model and use tools to bend the silver to make it look like a peasecod. Next, we use punch socket to hammer the silver and make it with a few of circular depressions.

Step 9: Shaping

Adjust and bend the detail-sections of silver with tweezers.

Step 10: Polished

Polish the details of the peasecod and make it more refined.

Step 11: Welding

Respectively add welding powder on the both ends of the peasecod. Heat the silver plate overall, and then focus on heating the welding parts, the small ring is welded at both ends.

Step 12: Oxidized Black

Heat up the blackening solution and put the peasecod into the solution. Keep boiling for a few minutes and the silver will turn black.

Step 13: Cleaning and Polished

Put the blackened peasecod silver into clean water and soak it. Then we will polish the silver with sandpaper and sanding tools.

Step 14: Inlay

Before we blacken the peasecod silver, we have to choose the pearl for it first. This pearl will be used right now. The position used to set in the pearl will have to be adjusted. The blackened and polished peasecod silver will be set with the pearl we choose. Remember to use the tweezers to clamp up the edges of the silver to keep the pearl firm.

Step 15: Complete!!

This silver-peasecod is very suitable for the production of earrings, necklaces and pendants. We could make adjustments to the jewelries we choose according to our own needs.

It's a DIY Tutorial for Making the 925 Sterling Silver Pea With Inlaid Pearl! Hope you will like it!

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