Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Make Tassels Earrings With Sparkle-Resin

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Tools and materials:

AB resin-glue

Silicone mold

Colored embroidery thread


Fragmentary crystal

Hardware findings

Scissors, tweezers, pliers and so on

Step 1: The Mixing of Resin-glue

The proportion of A glue and B glue is 3:1. We will use measuring cup to get A glue and B glue separately into the container. Mix up the 2 glues and stir it evenly. Then put it away for a few minutes so the bubbles will disappear. PS: the container could be put into warm water to make the bubbles disappear more quickly.

Step 2: Mould In

The mixed resin-glue would be put into the mould with care and remember not to fill it up too much but for about half of the quantity. Pick different fragmentary crystals and put them into the mould separately with carefulness. Pat the mould slightly to make the fragmentary crystals fill up the mould evenly. Then put it away for 12 hours.

Step 3: Tassels Making(could Be Done Without Mould)

Prepare embroidery threads of different colors and line them well onto the table. Choose colors of black, grey, green and blue according to the colors of the dropping glue. Pick one thread for back up then fold the threads according to the size of the tassels you want. After folding, use the back up one we choose before to tie a knot in its middle.

Step 4: Tassels Making(could Be Done Without Mould)

Then use scissors to trim off the extra section. Use one thread of the same color as back up for needling. Make the folded threads neat and ready. One end of the thread would be used to go around the front of the tassel and make the front tied. When we use the thread to go around for a proper width, we will make the needle go through the center of the front and use tool to get the needle out of the front and make the circle tied as well. The form of a tassel is now achieved.

Step 5: Tassels Making(could Be Done Without Mould)

Trim off the extra section of the thread and use paper to tie up the tassel so it will show out the irregular section. Use scissors to trim the irregular section off to get a nice tassel.

Step 6: Mould Off and Punching

After waiting for 12 hours, the resin-glue is dry and we will take it off from the mould. Due to the gravity, the small fragmentary crystals would sink into the glue and they would achieve a unique surface. The mould has not got the hole for matching so we will use drilling tools to drill a hole for the item.

Step 7: Combining

Combine the tassels with the dropping glue and matched with a ear hook.

Step 8: Complete!!

In this video:

1.We make a sparkle resin earrings pendants

2.A easy way to make the tassels

And finally, we will use the sparkle resin earring pendants and tassels to making a pair earrings!

Hope you will like it!

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