Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Make a Brass Spoon With Customized Letters??

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Tools and Materials:

  • Pure copper
  • Lighter
  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Texture hammer
  • Copper wire
  • water
  • Marker Pen
  • Tableting machine ect.

Step 1: Confirm the Size of the Spoon

The spoon’s making: Use a marker to mark on the brass and choose the size of the spoon that you like.

Step 2: Cutting

Cut along the marked line and use scissors to clip off the brass you need. Be careful about the sharp incision.

Step 3: Heating & Cool Down

The heating and cooling is necessary. This step will soften the brass and it is good for the melting and triming of the metal.
Heat the clipped brass till it becomes red. Use a nipper to take the heated brass into cool water for chilling.(Keep your hands away from the heat)

Step 4: Carefully Trim and Polish

Trimming:Use a scissors to trim the softened brass to achieve the shape and size you want. Polish the incision and make it smooth and fine.

Step 5: Heating

In order to soften the brass, we will heat and chill the brass again.

Step 6: Shaping

Put the softened brass into the wooden model. Use a hammer to hit it carefully and slightly so as to shape out the curved surface of the brass.
This part is of the most importance and a good product depends on the processing of this part.

Step 7: Making the Spoon Handle

The making of the handle for the spoon: Cut off a section of the brass so as to make the handle. Refer to the length of the handle.

Step 8: Heating

Heat the handle to soften it uniformity.

Step 9: Cold Down

Chill off the handle with water and be careful about the heat.

Step 10: Hammer the Pattern on the Spoon Handle

Choose a hammer with the figure you like and hit the handle so as to make the lines and figure that you want.

Step 11: With a Tableting Machine, Slightly Flattened the Ends of the Handle

Use the pressing machine and hammer to flatten both sides of the handle, one side for being welded with the spoon and the other side for crafting your own words.

Step 12: Polished Both Ends of the Handle

Carefully polish the both sides of the handle. This action will offer a better connection for the handle and the spoon, which makes the welding better.

Step 13: Heating and Welding

Put welding powder on the contacting surface of the spoon and handle. Then heat the spoon uniformly and specially heating the welding part so as to perfectly combine the spoon and the handle.

Step 14: Cold Down With Water and Polished

After successfully welding, put the spoon into cold water and chill off. Then take it out to polish the welding part of it.

Step 15: Using the Metal Stamp to Beating Letters on the Other Side of the Handle

On the other side of the spoon, we use metal stamp to craft the words we like on the surface of the metal.

Step 16: Soak in the Deoxidizer Solution

Soak the spoon into the de-oxidant solution for about 10 minutes.

Step 17: Carefully Polished, Remove the Black Solder

Take out the spoon and wash it with water. Polish the welding part and surface of the spoon with abrasive paper.

Step 18: Complete!!

It's a DIY Tutorial for Making a Brass Spoon with Customized Letters!!
Hope you will like it!
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