Introduction: DIY: Typographic Pizza Pennants

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We wanted to create these cute pennants because we love pizza. That’s pretty much the only reason. It’s kind of embarrassing how much we love pizza. We also think pennants are a cute, easy, and fun DIY project.

Step 1: ​What You’ll Need:

-Pizza Pennant Kit

-Scissors and X-ACTO knife


-100% wool felt

-Granule typeface, by Corey Holms

-Mod Podge

-Embroidery thread and needle

-Fabric scissors


-Spray starch (optional)

Step 2:

Begin by cutting out the pre-printed designs with a sharp pair of fabric scissors. We started with the red pepperoni that will go on the yellow pizza. (You may need to use an X-ACTO knife for some of the letters.)

Step 3:

Arrange your felt pieces on each of the pennants until you’re happy with the placement, and begin gluing. We used a paintbrush to brush on the Mod Podge and glued each piece — the glue dries fast so it’s best to work quickly.

Step 4:

Once you’re done gluing, trim off any excess felt hanging off the side of the pennant.

Step 5:

Thread your needle with embroidery thread and begin stitching around the edges of the felt. This reinforces the glue and adds nice texture to your pennant.

Step 6:

Spray the starch over the pennants (if desired) to create a stiffer finish, and let dry. Looks delicious, right? Pin or tape your pennants to the wall and it’s time to party. Pizza party, that is.