DIY Valentines Glitter Bowl

Introduction: DIY Valentines Glitter Bowl

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Modge Podge


A Brush

A Balloon

A Bowl or a Cup


Step 1: Mix It Up

In a cup or bowl mix half and half of glitter and modge podge. This means have equal parts of glitter and modge podge. Mix these together until you have a nice liquid consistency.

Step 2: Time for Balloons

Now blow up a balloon to the size you want your bowl. Tie the end and put the balloon in a cup or bowl for stability. Now add your glitter and modge podge mixture in a bowl shape on the balloon.

Step 3: Time to Dry

Now have the balloon dry from 4 to 5 hours or overnight to be safe. If needed add a second coat and wait for the balloon to dry again.

Step 4: It's Done

Now pop the balloon and cut off any unwanted edges. And now your balloon is finished.

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