DIY Valentines: Snoopy Cushion

Introduction: DIY Valentines: Snoopy Cushion

A day to celebrate one of the most anticipated times of the year you share this simple idea to give to that special person, so take note that these are the materials used:

Step 1: Materials

-Foam “Towel” Light Blue

-Foam ”Red Velvet”

-Foam White

-Foam Black

-White Acrylic-painting

-White Wool

-Polyester Wadding


-Markers (Light Blue, Black)



-Check the Video

Step 2: Print and Cut

Print and cut the molds, each piece in color Foam indicated. Outline the edge of each piece with marker (the white pieces with black marker and letters with blue marker). Mark the lines of the eyes, mouth and legs with black marker (Check Figure).

Step 3: Paint and Paste

With white acrylic paint and a brush or stick draws a line of light in the nose and 4 lines in the ear. Cut two thin lines of Foam Black to make the hairs on the head Snoopy.

Paste the pieces as shown in the picture or check the video. Paste with silicone the two pieces of Foam "Towel" Light Blue on three sides, on the side unglued filled with Polyester Wadding or sponge and seal with silicone.Paste the Snoopy and letters as you want.

Note: If you want to leave a little cushion here is fine, or continue to the next step.

Step 4: Sewing

The wool makes a stitch of your choice or the one shown in the video, topped with a bow or bow tie. And voila! We have our little cushion Decorative Valentine.




Step 5: Video

If you're in doubt, you can check the video.

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