Introduction: DIY Voice Control Electronic Crystal Column Music Spectrum Kits

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This kit is about an audio indicator that bounces with music. Power supply range is 5V-12V DC. Here ICStation team want to show you the installation manuals about this Voice Control Crystal Column DIY Kits Colorful Light Flashing LED Music Spectrum Learning Kits. Hope it could be of any help for you.

Step 1: Learn From the Video

Before the installation, you can have a short look at the first part of this video.

Step 2: Component Lists for This Kit

Step 3: Installation Steps_Install Chips

Install 1pc LM358 on U1 and 2pcs LM339 on U2,U3. Please pay some attention to the installation direction.

Step 4: Installation Steps_Install SMD Resistor

Step 5: Installation Steps_ Install Capacitor

Install 1pcs 1N4148 and 2pcs Capacitors as the picture.

Step 6: Installtion Steps_Install LED

Please pay some attention to the installation direction.

Step 7: Installation Steps_Power Socket, Potentiometer, MIC

Install the power socket, potentiometer, MIC as picture.

Step 8: Installation Steps_Acrylic Case

Please pay some attention to the installation sequence.

Step 9: Done! Here Is the Effect Demonstration!

Super long animation with different kinds of audio effects. Exquisite independent buttons control various functions. Really a nice kit. There are also many other selections for electronic hobbiest from ICStation. You will be happy to see that on your desk after several hrs hard working on them. Are you ready to make one?