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Introduction: DIY Voltmeter

Hello there!

This is a small tutorial ho to make another volt meter on your own.

I had a few leftover plastic boxes and two voltage displays, that i have ordered from China.

We can make a useful thing of it can we now?

I have to measure voltage a lot and in a room with less sunlight it is very practic i guess.

It can measure voltage from 3 to 30 volts and it can be used almost everywhere.

Step 1: Parts Needed!

1: A small voltage display from Aliexpress.

2: Some wires

3: A soldering iron and a bit of solder.

4: Zinc chloride (ZnCl) for easy soldering.

5: A glue gun and a glue stick.

6: Shrinking tube. (optional)

7: A rotary cutting tool or anything you can cut a plastic case.

8: A 58mmX35mmX15mm plastic case or any similar.

Step 2: Cutting the Box

I measured the segmented displays outer dimensions and marked it outside the box with an alcoholic black pencil.

The next step is cutting. I used a mini grinder with a rotary cutting disc. It takes about 2 minutes and a bit better skill :P .

After the cutting phase place the display in the cutted half and add glue to it. It will hold strong don't panic.

After the glue hardened this step is finished.

Step 3: Adding Extra Wires

Add a red and a black jumper wire to simbolise the positive and negative polarity.

I use M-M wires. Cut off one of the male headers, remove the plastic coverage and with a little zinc-chloride added to the wires solder it carefully. Use a little bit of shrinking tube after this to avoid an accidental short circuit.

For the wires i cutted two little spaces on the box. In the inside it is glued down carefully to avoid the wires from breaking. You can never know.

Step 4: Done!

The measured results are not sky high accurate. But for a 1$ display it is very reasonable. Compared with a multimeter the accuracy is very good i think and you can use it where ever you want.

Not a 100% perfect job but it will do.

Thanks for reading my Instructable.

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