In this diy tutorial, I am showing you how to make a wide leg pant pattern out of your favorite pant!

It was inspired by some Pinterest posts.

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**Materials :

-Pattern Paper




-Measuring band


**My Sewing Machine : Toyota Super Jeans J15

**About Me

Name: Trudy

Age: 19

**Music : Intro 808·AxMod / Brooke(Composer: Foucault Janin)

Step 1: Copy

First, copy the shape of your pant with your pencil.

Do it for the front an the back.

You have to fold your pant in half.

Step 2: Re-draw

Now, re-draw your curve using the curved rule, and your straight lines with a basic rule.

Use a measuring band in order to measure how long you want your pant to be.

You should make it a little longer if you want to wear it with heels ;) !

Step 3: Waistband

I decided to go with a 5 centimeter wide waistband but you can do more or less.

It is up to you.

The length of the belt is your waist divided by two.

It means that your waistband pattern is on fold.

Step 4: Cutting Process

By the way, I did not add seam allowance because I will be using a stretchy fabric.

The last thing you will have to do is cutting each piece of your pattern.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for watching!

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- Trudy Limp

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