Introduction: DIY Fashion : WIDE LEG PANT | TRUDY_LIMP

Hi, in today tutorial, I'am showing you how to make a wide leg pant.

I hope you'll enjoy it.

It was inspired by some Pinterest posts.

Some sneak peek are available in the last step ;)

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-Stretchy Fabric




-Hemming Web

-Cutting tools


**My Sewing Machine : Toyota Super Jeans J15

**About Me:

Name: Trudy

Age: 19

**Music: Music : Intro 808·AxMod / Brooke(Composer: Foucault Janin)

Step 1: Cutting Process

First, you will have to pin and cut the fabric.

You should end up with two front pieces, two back pieces and two waistbands.

In other words, each pieces is cut twice.

The pattern always have to be above the wrong side of the fabric .

I did not add seam allowance because I'm using stretchy fabric.

Step 2: Assembly

Now, sew the front's middle line and a half of the back's middle line, because we will put the zipper on the back of the pant later.

Then, You will have to pin and sew the legs.

Always start by the crotch when you are pinning so that each seams match perfectly.

Then do the same for both side.

Step 3: Waistand

Take one waistband and fix it to the pant.

Start pinning at the middle of the front first, then go all the way around.

As you can see, I am pinning the zipper to the back .

If yours are invisible like mine you will need a special foot.

Moreover, I put an hemming web to the waistband but this step is optional.

Now, I go a head and pin the second waistband against the one that we already fixed.

So the zipper will be tuck between these two.

Step 4: Iron ( Optional)

Remember I’ve put hemming web in my waistband, therefore I’am ironing the complete waistband .

Otherwise, You do not have to do it if you have not put hemming web to your waistband.

Step 5: Trying Zipper

Do not forget to close the zipper in order to see how it goes!

Then, close the back if you left too much space for the zipper.

Step 6: Hemming Process

Now, we will tackle the Hemming, I also put hemming web there to for a better looking.

As you can see, I surged the whole thing but you can zigzag stitch it if you do not have a surger.

Then, fold it inside and iron.

Step 7: Closing Waistband

Finaly, I also surger both waistband together but here again you can use your sewing machine or hand-stich.

Step 8: Final Result !

Here's how your wide leg pants should look like!

I made this one a little longer than the original model so I could wear it with heels.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for watching!

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- Trudy Limp