DIY WebGL With Blender and X3d

Introduction: DIY WebGL With Blender and X3d

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If your a 3d modeller who works with blender(or other software) and knows very little or no coding, this tutorial is for you. In a few easy steps you can convert your existing models to webgl and put them on your website.

note: can't figure out how to get textures to load yet. will post an update if and when i get it to work. To figure it out on your own take a look at

also check out and for no hassle online model hosting.

heres the example using sketchfab's easy to use service(no coding involved):
heres the diy version.. (bit slow.. i havn't added a preloader.. so be patient) :

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Check for simple and powerful Blender --> WebGL conversion.

    No programming skills required, no xml editing etc

    Node materials, NLA, physics, audio, enviro maps, particle system - all these Blender-specific features are supported