Introduction: DIY Wedding Shoes (BEAUTIFUL!)

Wedding shoes can be unnecessarily expensive. I decided to make my own! I purchased a shoe style I like and glued lace on it! If you would like to recreate this look or similar read along!

Step 1: Purchase a Plain Shoe That Suits Your Style.

Find a shoe that fits your style, whether it's open toe or closed toe. Be mindful on where you would decorate for each type of shoe you are considering. Pintrest is great for that. I chose a kitten heel with a pointed closed toe tip. I knew I could easily decorate the toe portion.

Step 2: Bring Shoes to Local Arts/Fabric Store

I knew I wanted to make this as easy as possible. I went to the Trim or Lace/yard section. They have some bridal lace, regular lace, and even rhinestones per yard. I chose a few that I liked and layed them over the shoe to see how I liked them. I ended up like both of these from Joanne Fabrics:

1. ARTICLE#: 07834815 $4.99 /YD

2. ITEM#: 2476395 $21.99/YD

, but after some thought and price point, I went with the smaller one. I wanted to decorate the strap and the larger one would have been too much for my taste. I purchased 1.5 yards (I have plenty of extra).

Step 3: Adhesive

I simply asked a lady on what adhesive would work for "pleather" and lace and she pointed me to this product called Fabri-TAC.

There could be other good ones or better ones, but this is what I used.

Step 4: Glue on Lace - Classy Wedding Shoes!

It's pretty easy. Glue lace on and in small increments turn the lace so that it follows the curve of the toe. I also glued lace on the strap.

The glue with this lace was very forgiving, I removed the lace a couple of times and re-glued and it was fine.