Introduction: DIY Wheatley From Playground Ball!

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Here at Wheatley Science industries, we pride ourselves on our personality core development. Here we will teach you how to make your own Aperture Science Personality Core from household materials! You and your friends can enjoy this mindless killing machine- I mean- "Friendly Household Appliance!"

I had a random bouncy ball in my Garage, and I mean, OBVIOUSLY it was destined to be a cosplay or costume accessory!

Step 1: Materials

A bouncy ball. I found this one collecting cobwebs in my garage.

A wire clothes hanger. You can also strip yours to get to a shinier finish, as I did.

Wire cutters and Scissors. For all Your Cutting Needs!

Mat board. For cutting small pieces.

Black, White, and Blue acrylic craft paints. You could buy white spray paint and that would save you a lot of time, but I was lazy and stayed at home.

A paintbrush. I advise both Small and Large tip brushes.

Hot Glue Gun with Hot Glue Stix. With an X. These will bind your 3- dimensional parts to your Wheatley Aperture Science Personality Core.

A Compass. For drawing (You Guessed It!) Circles.

A Sharpie. For some fine details.

A reference drawing of Wheatley. I found mine on Google. =D

Step 2: Painting the Body

Cover the top of the ball with some thick White Acrylic Paint.

Once that is dry, cover the other side, and fill in any spots showing the original colors.

Step 3: Cutting Some Small Pieces

Cut Four teardrop-shaped pieces out of mat board.

Poke a small hole in the narrow part of the teardrop.

Paint both sides with black paint.

Step 4: Wire Handles (More Small Pieces)

Cut two Large pieces out of the wire coat hanger.

Next, put a THICK layer of black paint on the center of each wire piece.

These will serve as the handles of Wheatley.

Step 5: Let It All Dry

Once all that painting is done, let it dry.

This will be very important so the paint won't smear and stays neat.

Step 6: Drawing Some Circles! (YAY!)

Draw some circles on the face and sides of the ball with your compass.

I am not going to give you exact radius lengths, because I feel that keeping it original is one of the most important things.

Step 7: Cutting More Detail Pieces

Cut a ring out of the mat board, and two crescent- shapes as well.

(If you're wondering, the crescent shapes are Wheatley's eyelids.)

Step 8: Handle Assembly and Glue-age

Poke your metal handle/ rod through the teardrop- shape piece of matboard.

Next bend both side of the handles down, and hot glue them down.

WARNING- I found that when I glued the metal, the heat transferred throughout all of the handle and I burned my finger. So please don't make the same mistake I did.

Step 9: Glue It All Together!

First start by gluing the large disk around the eye.

After that has dried, glue the two eyelids parallel to each other.

Once those are both dried, glue both handles onto your Wheatley. I would advise using a lot of hot glue so that you can actually pick your Wheatley

Step 10: Main Paint Details

After your hot glue dries, paint some of the major details in with black acrylic paint.

This is a very subjective step, you could paint it however you want, either detailed or abstract.

Step 11: Minor Details in Paint

After your major details are finished, you can go in with some minor details in gray or fine back.

Again, do it however you want to, the texture of my playground ball didn't help me make fine details.

Step 12: Painting the Eye

For painting the eye, I made a simple color gradation using blue, white, and black acrylic paints.

Remember that the inside of the eye is the lightest, and it gets darker as it get's farther from the center.

Step 13: You're Done!

Once that all dries, you're finished!

You can use this Aperture Personality core for any of your cosplay or costume purposes.

If I were to do this again, I would find a smoother playground ball, to make it easier to paint, and I would also work harder on making finer details. I might also try 3d printing the handle parts. Alas, I don't have a 3d printer. Another possibility is to spray a hard shiny lacquer on your Wheatley, to increase his durability.

I hope you enjoyed my Instructable, and if you did, please vote, comment, favorite, or subscribe!

See ya next time!

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