Introduction: DIY Wheelbarrow

About: Maker in weekends.

This was a quick honey do project , where my girlfriend asked me for one of those wheelbarrows to put in the garden as a decor.

This is an easy project that you can make in a weekend.

The wheelbarrow is fully functional, and it rolls and turns nicely, although i made it to sit just as a planter, but i was happy that i can move the plant away from the sun sometimes based on the heat, since the plant is too heavy.


Note that in inch i am using the naming, and in cm the real size. for example a 2x4 inch wood is not exactly 2 inches by 4 inches.
Also note that when i refer to 2x8 , you can glue 2 2x4 to each other if 2x8 was not available.
Same for a 1x3 if not available you can saw a 1x6 in half. This is what i did since all the wood i used either came from a 1x6 or a 2x4.

Wood :

  • Wood_1x6 : we will use a lumber that is 1x6 inch // 2x15 cm , we will need around 20 ft // 6 meters
  • Wood_2x2 : we will use a lumber that is 2x2 inch // 4.5x4.5 cm , we will need around 6 ft // 1.5 meter
  • Wood_2x8: we will use a lumber that is 2x8 inch // 4.5x20 cm , we will need around 8" // 20 cm
  • Wood_1x3: we will use a lumber that is 1x3 inch // 2x7.5cm , w will need around 23.6" // 60 cm

Dowels :

  • 5/16 ″ // 8mm to plug the screw holes
  • 1" // 25mm for the wheel axle

Screws : 2.75" // 7cm


Step 1: Cut the Wood

I start cutting the wood, as follow :

From the wood_1x6 lumber :

  • 2 x 25.6" // 65 cm cut at 110 degrees angle
  • 2 x 23.42" // 59.5 cm cut at 110 degrees angle
  • 8 x 12.6" // 32 cm

From the wood_2x2 lumber:

  • 4 x 15.74" // 40 cm

From the wood_2x8 lumber :

  • 1 x 7.87" // 20 cm

From the wood_1x3 lumber :

  • 4 x 11.81" // 30 cm

Step 2: Build the Sides

i start gluing the sides that we previously cut at 110 degrees angles, by gluing the 65cm board to the 59.5 cm on the sides, make sure everything is flush on both sides, you can proceed putting the bracing 1x3s , i added some nails for visual purpose, and you start clamping them.

we need to make 2 of those sides, make sure they are mirror images of each other.

Step 3: Carriage Assembly

Started assembling the bottom and sides for the carriage, using screws.
I would first use a 1/8 ″ // 3mm drill bit to predrill for the screws, and then make a hole with the 5/16″// 8mm bit that will house the dowel to hide the screw.

Step 4: Carriage Details

I added 2 notches for the front of the carriage, and rounded the edges with a sandpaper , this small detail will give better look for our carriage.

Step 5: The Handles

i added a notch for the handle bottom , so it overhang the side braces, and on the other side i start making the rounded handles, by drawing a circle, and doing a couple of pass with my handsaw, i finish rounding any edge with a sandpaper rolled on piece of wood.
After that i can install it to the carriage using dowels.

Step 6: The Wheel

i can now start making the wheel, i used a piece of scrap wood and attached 2 nails to it, one that will be the center of the circle, and the other to scrap the outer edge of the circle.

after that i can start taking a couple of pass with my handsaw, and finish rounding the wheel with a block of wood and a sandpaper. i made a hole in the center of the wheel, where the axle will pass, and made 2 holes for smaller dowels that will hold the wheel from going left or right. i also made holes in the axle holder. after that i can glue everything up and install it underneath the carriage.

Step 7: Finishing

We need to seal wood with finish , i used a clear coat semi gloss varnish, and did around 4 layers of it especially inside the carriage and on the endgrain.

make sure you keep putting finish on the endgrain as soon as they soak them up , since sealed endgrain offer the best protection from humidity, i made drainage holes, and then i installed some plastics to the inside of the carriage, and installed pipes in the drainage holes to keep water away from wood fibers. i added some gravel to the bottom to keep moist soil away for the bottom of the carriage, and with the help of my grandma i was able to move the plant to its new bigger home.