Introduction: DIY Wire Wrapping Wave Pendant

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Ocean owns a lot of precious resource; it is so profound that many mysteries are still waiting for our exploration. It has been bearing the dreams of young people for many generations. Therefore in my eyes, ocean is always colorful and vigorous. Today I present the wire wrapped pendant tutorial and show you a flamboyant “ocean wave”.

Step 1: Necessities for the Wire Wrapped Wave Pendant

1.5mm pink aluminum wire

1.5mm blue aluminum wire

1.5mm purple aluminum wire

1.5mm green aluminum wire

0.5mm silvery copper wire
Silvery brass cross chain

Flat nose plier

Round nose plier

Wire cutter

Step 2: Wire Wrap Colorful Waves

1st, cut a 15cm length of pink wire;

2nd, make a loop with round nose and then do two and half coils with flat nose;

3rd, leave 2.5cm interval and bend the rest wire downward;

4th. Do one and half coils and cut off excess wire;

5th, cut a 20cm length of purple wire and do one and half coils at one end;

6th, contrast the purple wire with pink wave, leave appropriate interval and bend the other end;

7th, do two and half coils at the other end and cut off excess purple wire;

8th, similarly handle the blue wire and finish the proper blue wave.

9th, cut a 20 cm length of green wire and do two coils at one end;

10th, bend down the wire and loop twice with round nose;11th, coil the other end.

Step 3: Coil the Waves Together

1st, cut a long piece of silvery brass wire;

2nd, do sparse coils several times onto blue wave and add purple wave;

3rd, coil blue and purple waves together;

4th, add green wave and combine the three together;

5th, when coils reach the middle of waves, add pink wave and combine the four together;

6th, leave 6cm tail and cut off excess brass wire;

7th, do coils with the tail and the pendant is done.

Step 4: Finish the Wave Pendant Necklace

1st, use a jump ring to connect brass chain with pendant;

2nd, attach lobster claw to chain’s end.

Step 5:

Tada! I have done the wire wrapped wave pendant necklace. Most beautiful wire pendants are often composed of different wrapped and coiled patterns. In the same way, you can also make flowery or animal-like pendants.