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Introduction: DIY Zombie Scented Glow in the Dark Fingernails

About: I am married with two children. Spring, summer, and fall are my very favorite times of the year. I enjoy working in the yard, sewing, cooking, quilting, gardening, and creating. I do this to keep my sanity.
I used to love to watch old black and white scary movies when I was a kid. Old movies are so much fun to watch now because they are so goofy.  I called my son a couple of months ago and he was watching a very old movie, which surprised me, and a silent one at that. He is in the think tank every day and I think this is his way of relaxing his brain! It seems to work. Anyway  . . The old movies that I remember were zombies covered in mud, wearing old clothes and appear to be sleep walking after dark in a terrible thunderstorm. I have been experimenting using glow in the dark paint and crazy cologne fragrances to make scented nail polish. I like to add scent and lights to many of my craft projects because most of the time I give them to someone who needs a smile. I like to make things that trigger emotional responses from the receiver that reminds them of something they enjoyed from their childhood. It is a powerful tool, especially if a person is depressed. With that said, you will understand why . . . ( even though)  I am not particularly fond of making Zombie fingernails, I am excited to share this tutorial with you because the scent is so fitting for a zombie theme for Halloween and is surely going to trigger an emotional Halloween or party experience.
You can smell like a zombie the whole month of October celebrating Halloween at work! This instructable is entered into the Halloween contest, and if you think it is worthy of your vote I appreciate you voting when the vote button is available, thanks!

I will be sharing how to make your fingernails glow in the dark and smell like a Zombie, as well as   . . .  how you can use this method for greeting cards or tags! That is the part I am excited about! The glow in the dark is my cheaters version of guys who make such great crafts using real lights ( knowing how to wire them )! I have not mastered that yet but I will . . . someday. Let's get started!

Step 1: Supplies

Base coat/top coat nail polish
Black nail polish
Glow in the dark paint
Demeter Thunderstorm or Zombie perfume or cologne here:
Nail polish remover
Cotton cosmetic pad
Tooth picks
Eye dropper

Step 2: Apply First Two Coats

Apply the clear coat and allow to dry.
Apply the black nail polish and dry thoroughly.

Step 3: Draw Image

I am not great at drawing designs so I made simple ones. I drew a lightening bolt and also wrote zombie on my nails. There are so many different designs that would look awesome using this technique. I would personally wear scented stars that glowed in the dark with sparkly crystals. Cat eyes would look amazing! How about moon flowers that glowed in the dark! Please keep in mind this is not about the art but rather how to make something that will trigger an emotional response that reminds someone of a Halloween, party  or movie experience, or any favorite experience. I shared the picture of a muddy hand to show how the glow in the dark paint and the scent would go very nicely with a painted hand for Halloween or a Zombie party! The glow in the dark paint lasted me for several days and I took it off using nail polish remover so I could make a new design. 

You can either dip the toothpick into the glow in the dark paint or you can place a small dab of the glow in the dark paint on the lid and draw the image on your fingernail using the toothpick.

I drew the design onto my fingernails using the tooth pick.
You may need to apply more than one application. 
Allow plenty of drying time before using a clear top coat. 
The glow in the dark paint is not suitable to mix into the nail polish at least that is my experience using my clear coat polish.

Step 4: Turn Lights Off

To create the longer lightening I just extended the glow in the dark paint down the fingers.
Turn off the lights and watch them glow!

Step 5: Mix Perfume With Clear Coat

There are two ways to scent your nails. One way is to finish your nails off with a clear top coat and spray cologne or perfume over the top coat while the polish is still wet and after they are completely dry, wash your hands with soap and water to remove the over-spray of cologne, this way is easier or . . .

Place a dab of clear coat on the lid and add a drop of the cologne or perfume to the clear coat and mix with a toothpick. It helps to do it this way to see if the two will mix together to avoid ruining the whole bottle of clear coat polish. If it mixes well and you are happy with it you can add ten drops to the nail polish and shake well.Add more drops of cologne if you want more scent. Please note that not all cologne or perfume will scent nail polish or mix well with it. You just need to experiment with it. By the way you can't smell the scent until the nail polish is completely dry on your fingernails.

Paint one nail and let it dry.
Sniff LOL!
If the scent is not strong enough add another drop of perfume to the top coat and mix well.
Paint the rest of your fingernails and dry thoroughly.
Apply a second coat if desired. 

Step 6: Card

Here are pictures I took of a design I drew on a card stock. I colored in the design using scented nail polish and glow in the dark paint. This is just one of many projects you can do using this method. 

Step 7: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

I love to wear scented nail polish and I can't wait until my daughter arrives . . .  hopefully in a week or two, maybe she will do her art magic on my nails! I might even add a picture if she does. I will be adding glow in the dark and scents to more of my craft projects. I can see myself making greeting cards, bath products, painting scented crafts as well as wearing my new favorite scent collections,  Rain and Sunshine!

We all shine at instructables, the staff, our sponsors, authors, and our loyal readers! Thank all of you for supporting this great community! Thanks for stopping by and please remember to have a safe and happy Halloween!


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    It is horrible isn't it! Thanks for loving it! When my son was here he bought the Zombie movie and I said I probably won't be watching it. to my surprise I watched a lot of them. they did a great job on that movie series. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a great day!