Introduction: DIY a Industrial Style Necklace With Nuts

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Not long ago I saw this work, a ring from a nut, so handsome! Then I want try to do something with nuts too, so there is this necklace ~~

Step 1: What We Need

  • M6 nuts —— 5 pcs (This you can prepare a few more, to prevent processing failure)

  • M3 female-female Aluminum standoff —— 1 pcs

  • M3 male rings —— 2 pcs

  • M6 copper gasket —— 4 pcs

  • M3 Screws —— 2 pcs

  • 4mm Letter punch

Of cource you also need a hammer and a screw driver~~

Step 2: Prepare Polished Nuts

Nuts set in an aluminum shaft, note that all the nuts are in a plane. Ensure nuts are in the same plane, then use the screws at both ends of the aluminum shaft.

Step 3: Polished Nuts

Gently put the nuts on the grinding wheel, the choice of # 400 sandpaper.

During Sanding, do not press too hard, easy worn, but also easy to hurt your fingers.

During Sanding, nuts become hot, so you should be prepared with cold water to cool down the nuts.

Polished in one direction, so that will be pretty neat lines

Step 4: Punched the Letter

Fixed the nuts with clamps, then use the punch to make the letter on nuts.

Note that very thing! Do not hurt your fingers!

Struck with a hammer punch, try once completed, otherwise the contents of the second hammer is not easy to knock quasi.

Step 5: Install Copper Gaskets and Rings

Remove the nuts from the shaft to aluminum, according to the figure, the nuts and copper washer to install up-and-white, this time to ensure that all surfaces are engraved with the letters on the same plane. Then on both ends of the shaft tight aluminum rings.

Step 6: Add a Lanyard

Finally, add lanyard at both ends of the nut and the industrial style necklace is complete ~ actually this necklace on each nut has two letters and nuts on the aluminum shaft is rotatable ~

Although do very rough, but still hope you like, thank you !

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