Introduction: DIY Alcohol Burner for Camping

this is a simple alcohol burner you can make out of a can. The best thing of this project is that only requires a can, an x acto knife or cutter, scissors and a tin opener.It´s a very simpleinstructable so I guarantee it´ll work (as long as you pour a flammable liquid,obviously).

Step 1: Get the Materials

you will need:

-one cutter/x acto knife
-a tin opener
-a can

Step 2: Cut the Can

to cut the can just make a little cut in the middle with the x acto knife and continue it with the scissors.Then press the border down with a knife to remove the little bendings.

Step 3: Remove the Top

take the tin opener and remove the top just as if you were opening a normal tin.if you want you can sandpaper it to prevent hurting yourself.

Step 4: Join the Two Parts

this is the most difficult part. you have to press one of the halves down into a bottle top to make the end bigger, and, once you´ve done it, you have to make one fit inside the other (you may have to make a bending in the one that goes inside or press with a knife)

Step 5: Make It Work!

pour a high degree alcohol, wait for some seconds, light a match and hold it over the alcohol. If it doesn´t work you can drop the match in the alcohol.