DIY Dinosaur Halloween Costume

Introduction: DIY Dinosaur Halloween Costume

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Dilophosaurus wetherill

"Dilophosaur" (Greek di = "two" + Greek lophos = "crest" + Greek sauros = "lizard")

Most people might recognize this dinosaur from the first Jurassic Park movie. It is the one dinosaur that scares its prays with its pair of arched crests positioned on top of its head.

We decided to make two, a couple of Dilophosaurus running loose on NYC Halloween parade.

Step 1: Fabricating the Neck Piece

Fabricating the shoulder piece out of 3/8 of an inch aluminum rod. Bending and forming the rod on a vise as needed then TIG welding the pieces together. The umbrella parts out 1/4 inch steel rod.

Step 2: Making the Tail

Making a steel wire frame then cover with masking tape to fill in the spaces and make a consistent surface .

Step 3: Fabricating the Head

Same as the tail, a steel wire frame then cover with masking tape to smooth the surface. Then painted with black acrylic paint to add the highlights and facial texture with masking tape to get it ready for final paint. Used plastic vampire nails as teeth cover with masking tape to give them the teeth color and texture then hot glue to the the mask.

Step 4: Dinosaur Skin

After selecting the right color fabric, a template was made for the chest piece to make identical mirror pieces.

It was also used to cover the tail part of the head piece the tail and the chest piece, also used it to cover the shoes pants and make gloves of it.

Step 5: Final Touches and Paint

For the final touches velcro to make adjustable straps for the chest piece and the tail. Used black string for the for the pulley of the chest piece and paint the head using matching acrylic paint for each color dinosaur.

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    Awesome costumes, I bet you were a hit at the parade! Welcome to instructables btw, you should think about entering our First Time Authors Challenge.