Introduction: DIY Increased Bass Tips for Earbud

This is my first instruction so it would be nice if you gave me some feedback to improve my future topics.

Those earbud never fit in my ear but now i finally found a solution for it. No need sugru, everything you need is a cheap pen.

Step 1: Requirements

A pen with rubber grip
An earbud
Scissors or knife

Step 2: Take Out the Rubber Grip

Take it out of the pen and cut it into 2 parts.

Step 3: Use Dremel to Blunt the Edge

Step 4: Put the Rubber Into the Earbud Housing

Adjust the rubber until it fit your ears.

Step 5: Enjoy !

With this little mod, my earbud has a better bass and it hooks on my ears much better than original design.

Thanks for your watching ^^