DIY Iphone 4S Tripod Mount

Introduction: DIY Iphone 4S Tripod Mount

I was not happy with the tripod mounts available on the market for the iPhone so I made my own. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away.

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    6 years ago

    That looks great but it doesn't show how to make it. Can you do a proper Instructable with step-by-step instructions? Thanks.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    WoW! This is Awesome to mildly put it. Like you I've bought several mounts to my dislike & have searched the internet over & to my surprise you'll rarely find a mount that you don't have to remove your case. Like you also, when I wanna snap a pic or to use it in a non holding situation, I don't wanna have to remove the case for any reason. I din't know anyone who uses it to take pictures wants to buy a mount that they have to remove their case in order to use it. NOBODY! It baffles me their up to iPhone 5 & fixing to come out with 6 & it's not a standard practice to produce them with a with or without case adapter that should easily be second nature in thinking. Seeing how everyone spends $$ on buying cases & such to keep from scratching & damaging it, but will have to constantly risk that using their product! Crazy! Their is by far a market for it & don't understand why it hasn't been adopted by most of them. Well, I to have an otterbox & don't really use the clip-on & you just gave me a project. Reason I like the otterbox is b/c after trying so many others, on average it was more sturdy, not to thick, but the more solid to protect the phone by far. I've dropped it many times & still no issues & not a scratch! Thanx for your wonderful presentation & hopefully will be trying soon. Thanx