Introduction: DIY Leather Card Holder

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Make a cool letter stenciled leather card holder

Step 1: What You'll Need


Ne10 Stencil, scissors, a Sharpie fine marker, a scrap piece of matte leather, masking tape, and a sewing machine. (Your sewing machine should have a heavyweight needle and heavyweight thread for this project.)

The leather you use for this should be matte and not glossy in finish (it will hold the text better). You can usually buy scrap pieces at your local leather supplier cheaply.

Step 2:

Draw a rectangle on the piece of leather that is 3 inches by 7 inches, and cut out using a pair of sharp scissors.

Using your Sharpie, fill in your alphabet letters. Use a piece of masking tape to help keep things straight.

Step 3:

Fold your leather almost in half (you can use a business card to help figure out where the fold should be). Leave the back side a little higher than the front — this will make it easier for you to take out your cards while still keeping them protected.

Step 4:

Take your leather piece to the sewing machine and sew up each side.

Step 5:

Now you have a fancy new card holder! I really like the black-on-black look with  brightly colored thread as an accent, but the options are endless for colors. Just remember to use a matte leather and have lots of fun.  Create your own version and share yours in the comments below.  Happy creating!