Introduction: DIY Small Furniture!!!

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today im gonna show you how to make this kind of small furniture using your imagination.

they commonly called bandsaw boxes but i dont have one soo i use scroll saw.

they are for put in it some earrings, coins, whatever on small size. mine boxxes they are small for my scroll saw capacity. in to more cutting capacity your bandsaw could cut its the bigger you can go on this proyects.

all my boxes comes from those block of pallets. thats why you can see some holes of the nails that they were inside before *instructables has a lot of proyects of how to dismantle pallets, wee just gonna use the big block cubes of wood.

enjoy, explore, transform, create your own models and have fun!!!

for this boxes you gonna need some woodwork tools recycled pallets and imagination. but to be specific. here comes your list

*scroll saw or band saw. (i use only scroll saw)


*sand paper

*pallet blocks


Step 1: Clean Your Block!

talking back cutting capacity..

the wooden block i get they were more bigger than the one in the picture, but i got to make a more smaller block because i just can cut 3 inches thickness on my scroll saw. i found on internet some band saws that they could cut a big log, imagine the furniture you can make!!!.

them. draw tha shape of your piece. on this instructable i use the heart as a example because is a simple figure and easy to understand.

Step 2: Cutting Shape

cut the shape of your box.

you always start working from out to inside the wood

i was making diferent boxxes if you see the pictures i got other box that i make but i put back the wood materials i wont use, but you see how i cut it

Step 3: Cut the Back Cover

i cut a slice of wood of my heart box to make a back cover at the end of the process.

so dont throw away. leave it for the end!

this process its for make a way to cut the inside box.

Step 4: Find a Way to Go Inside

draw your inside shape the one of the box.

then watch the way of the wood and make a line that you can go in the wood .

try to conbine the cutting line on the veins of the wood. on the sanding prosses you gonna erase it and you gonna see that disapear.

use some clamps glue and let it dry.

until the exterior shape gets dry you can work on the inside block that you get on this cutting prosses.

this piece its the one that makes the box.

Step 5: Making Interior Box

before you start this step you shold have a back slice of exterior shape.

exterior shape and interior wood block.

now start working on interior block..

on this step cut two slices of wood of your interior block.

this two slices they gonna make tha front face and back face of your box.

remmember that this two slices they got to come one from the front face of your interior block and the second slice you got to cut its from the back face of your interior block

after this draw the side face of your interior box.

them procced to cutting process on side face box

Step 6: Glue the Box

most of all interior boxes they are made of 3 pieces of wood. the front face, the cutting side box, and the back face

after you cut the interior shape of your box keep away the rest of wood and glue face by face. and let it dry.

now you have the box!!!

now use the first slice of wood of the exterior face of your piece and glue it back again to te furniture.

when averything goes dry its the sanding time!!!

make it fits and make it softer. if you have a dremel or a grinder or some chisels you gonna find a lot of posibilities of making thousands of diferent boxes

Step 7: Keep on Rocking to the Free World!!!

on this pictures you see diferent cutting process . i just put back the pieces that i take out of this block of wood. at the end of this box

my brothers dog goes inside my room and he like to bite wood. i get sad...

but the feeling goes fast out of me and i make a wooden bone for this crimminal pitbull dog, now i find a solution of my worries!!!

i hope every reader have fun and send me pictures of your small boxes too.


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